Label for sustainability

Strandcamping Zuidduinen is situated in the middle of a beautiful environment, with a lot of flora and fauna. We see it as our duty, to provide you as our guest a relaxed and enjoyable holiday in a responsible way. Respect for the natural and human environment is what matters.

Situated in a protected nature reserveIn tourism industry there is an eco label by the name “The Green Key”. Getting awarded with The Green Key means that an establishment has done more for the environment than law and rules requires from him. For more information about The Green Key, you can look on the website of The Green Key. Strandcamping Zuidduinen is proud to have been awarded with the highest obtainable Green Key, the Golden Green Key.

Sustainable requirements on Strandcamping Zuidduinen

Being awarded with the Golden Green Key we have taken numerous sustainable and environmental requirements. For example, we use renewable energy on our park and we have taken several requirements for saving energy, water and gas such as water saving heads on the cranes of the sinks and showers in the toilet building. In the supermarket we sell various biological and fair-trade products. We also value your help. This can be done by separating your garbage in the appropriate waste bins. Empty batteries can be deposited at the reception. We ask you to save on energy, by avoiding unnecessary use of power in the caravan/rental accommodation.