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Enjoying nature

The area is best explored on foot or by bike. Therefore, you are advised to bring your bike and some proper hiking shoes. Beautiful nature, attractive villages and cities... There’s so much to see!

So as not to miss anything, we have listed some routes for you. Actually, they all come highly recommended... Which one will you choose?

Cycling routes

Hiking routes

We are located directly adjacent to the beautiful Berkheide dune area. If you follow the dune path, you can continue to walk to Panbos forest or the town of Wassenaar. A walk in the woods in Panbos is also possible.

With the beach only 150 meters away, you can also go for a lovely walk on the beach. Let the wind play with your hair and feel that fresh sea air up your nostrils! After this breath of fresh air, you can enjoy a beach pavilion to complete the experience.

Below, you will find a number of marked routes that start and end next to the campsite: